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The Difference in Real Estate Companies.

Your experience with CentrixUSA will be simple, straight forward, and will save you money.

So what should you really want in a Real Estate Agent?

  • Professional
  • Knowledgeable
  • Happy

Professional — The Centrix USA Realtors are career professionals. We are dedicated 100% to your success in Real Estate. We value integrity, communication, competency, honesty, trust, and responsibility, and use these values to ensure your satisfaction.

Knowledgeable — Centrix USA has the most up-to-date training program that keeps each Realtor informed on the daily fluctuations and changes in the market, both economically and legally. We provide you with the accurate and current information you need to make important investment decisions. Our Realtors will guide you in finding the informational tools you need to reach your financial goals.

Happy — Have you ever been in a hospital, store or restaurant where the employees were not happy? How comfortable did you feel? Nowhere in the real estate world do Realtors receive better support, better training and better incentives than Centrix USA. Why do we invest so much in our Agents? A happy Agent is going to help you have a happy experience. When you have a happy experience, you will be glad to share our service with your friends and family.

"It is in the purchase that determines the profit in an investment. Learn to buy right and the rest of the investment process is easy"
___________Bruce Michael, CEO Centrix USA

Whether you are buying a multi-unit apartment complex or your first home you need accurate information fast.

Our specialty-trained buyer’s professionals will provide you:

  1. Current market trends
  2. Help in narrowing down the product for your price range or investment criteria
  3. Access to everything selling
  4. Speed and accuracy in getting bids approved
  5. Protection through the negotiation and escrow process
  6. Finding your best Lending and Insurance options

Dealing with real estate is always a large undertaking and you need to know you are working with the best that has your interest in mind.

Schedule an appointment with a buyers specialist now.
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Local Real Estate markets are in a constant stage of flux. Having the right team put together is critical to make sure you get the maximum price in the time frame you desire.

There are many homeowners that are being forced to sell their homes for less than what they owe. You need to understand how this affects your homes value. If you are in this situation you need to understand how to navigate the maze between your lender, selling your property and finding an affordable place to live.

Whether you have no equity or lots of equity we make it simple:

  1. Order an interior BPO valuation for your property. This is the same process the bank uses to determine the value of your property. Order a BPO
  2. Sit down and discuss your options with a Real Estate Professional that are experienced with your type of property and in your area. Schedule a Meeting
  3. Create a detailed plan on how to move from a home with negative equity to a home with positive equity.
We work with HUD counselors, which are non-profit and hired by the government to give you non-biased help on what your best options is. Speak with a HUD counselor

How Can We Help You?

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